Types of Spinning Reels – Which One is Right For You? Complete Guide

Check out the actual difference between spinning reels and types of spinning reels with our detailed article. 

Types of Spinning Reels 

You are here it definitely means you are a beginner or simply an experienced angler who wants to increase his or her knowledge. Nevermind, we are here to discuss with you the different types of spinning reels. Moreover, we have also given the links to our articles in which we have featured the best spinning reels. 

You might be having the question that a spinning reel is already a subtype of fishing reel. How can there be any more types of spinning reel? Yes you are right, a spinning reel is a type of fishing reel but Here we will differentiate spinning reels on the basis of where they are used and their purpose so you can get the best spinning reel according to your work of all types. Now, let’s get started with the article. 

Freshwater Spinning Reels 

Freshwater spinning reels are one of the most fragile and have the smallest reel size of all these. Starting from the size 500 and ending up to 4000, freshwater spinning reels have a low line capacity and cheap price. You can get a freshwater spinning reel starting from $13 so they are not really expensive. However, it totally depends on you because there are spinning reels which cost more than $300. 

Other than that, mostly, freshwater spinning reels are made out of graphite or plastic because freshwater fishes are not that big and can’t break such delicate construction. Freshwater spinning reels are usually made for bass, crappie and trout fishing. You can check out the top 5 best freshwater spinning reels of 2023, here. 

Saltwater Spinning Reels 

These are mostly used by professional anglers who love going for surf fishing and offshore fishing. The size range usually starts from 4500 and ends up to 16,000 and these spinning reels are usually used for huge sea fishes. Which have a big amount of weight. Moreover, they are made out of highly durable and strong material such as stainless steel or aluminum so they won’t break during fishing. Check out the top 5 best saltwater spinning reels of 2023.

Here are the types of Saltwater Spinning Reels in Detail. 

Inshore fishing, also known as surf fishing, is one of the most loved fishing techniques by anglers. This spinning reels are amazing as they are mid ranged and can be used for freshwater fishing. Their size starts from 5000 and ends up to 8000, because the fishes near the shore are small as compared to big saltwater fishes. You can get the best surf fishing spinning reel of 2023 here. These spinning reels have a build of graphite as well as metal. But they are strong enough to handle big fishes. Moreover, a good drag and high gear ratio is required for surf fishing for a good retrieve and easy work. 

  • Offshore spinning reels 

The offshore spinning reels are the biggest of all starting from size 8000 up to 16,000 or even more than that. Unlike cheap freshwater spinning reels, these offshore spinning reels are expensive for their reel size. Moreover, they have a strong build made of aluminum and stainless steel. Which does not corrode because all of these reels have a good layer of corrosion resistant coating.

Also, if you ever require an offshore spinning reel. Always go for one with high gear ratio, big line capacity and numerous ball bearings. Moreover, when paired with a long rod of more than 7 feet, these spinning reels work the best. 

Ultralight Spinning Reels 

The ultralight spinning reels are one of the most popular ones as they have the lowest weight amongst all of these.

However, we are sorry to say but there are less number of spinning reels with a big size and ultralight weight. Because a big sized reel requires a good amount of weight. Although if you are lucky enough, you have the chances of getting one. Usually, ultralight spinning reels have a limit of weight so they are made of graphite or plastic but manufacturers make sure they are strong enough. Moreover, their size ranges from 1000 to 6000. You can check out the top 10 best ultralight spinning reels of 2023 if you want one. 


Other than spinning reels what are the other three types of fishing reels?

Mainly, there are four types of fishing reels namely, spinning reels, spin-casting reels, bait-casting reels and fly reels, and each of them have their own speciality. 

Which is the best fishing reel for beginners?

Spinning reels and spin-casting reels are the best for beginners, as they are cheap, easy to use. Moreover, there are a variety of reels available from which you can choose. 

What spinning reel should I get for bass fishing?

You should get a spinning reel with a small size up to 4000 or even less than that. Moreover, a good gear ratio up to 5.0:1 would be perfect. You can check out the top 5 best spinning reels for bass fishing. 

Will I require an anti-reverse feature for saltwater fishing?

Yes, an anti-reverse is a must if you are going for saltwater fishing as it does happen that the handle may rotate anticlockwise and the line gets unwinded which leads to line knots. Therefore, get a spinning reel with an instant anti-reverse feature. 


So these are the different types of spinning reels which are actually the same but differ in their working and feature which leads to their differentiation. We have tried our best and hope that you have loved this article. Do check out the articles given as they may be helpful if you are searching for the best spinning reels of 2023. Moreover, if you don’t know how they are used, check out the article on how to use a spinning reel for a detailed guide. 

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